Georgia Voters Don’t Let Michelle Nunn Fool You – She is a Loyal Obama “Yes Man”

I love my adopted home state of Georgia. I have since the day we moved here. There is something indefinable about the people, culture and rhythm of life that makes the Peach State a wonderful place to live. The last few months, though, I have been confused by my fellow citizens. First, in the Senate primaries Republican David Perdue was able to defeat a field of very strong conservatives: Dr. Paul Broun (my personal favorite), Dr. Phil Gingrey, Karen Handel, and Jack Kingston. Of these candidates, Perdue and Kingston were the two least consistent conservatives… and they were the two who garnered the most support! I was in shock.

Now my fellow citizens are confounding me again. In a bad Republican year, 2012, Georgia voters chose Mitt Romney over Barack Obama by 8 points! It was a political landslide… since then President Obama has become EVEN LESS POPULAR! Yet, here we are in 2014 – by all accounts what should be a very GOOD year for the Republicans – and the Senate and Governor races are essentially tied with just over a week to go before the elections.

Michelle-Nunn-Barack-Obama-v2With just over a week to go the Real Clear Politics Average of Polls has Democrat Michelle Nunn leading Republican David Perdue by 1 single point.

One of the things that Michelle Nunn has done to keep this race so close is distance herself from President Obama. He hasn’t campaigned in the state with her, and every chance she gets, she runs commercials telling Georgia voters how she works with Republicans and will stand up to the President. This may sound like a ridiculous way for a Democrat to campaign, but for low information voters who don’t take a second or two to think about what she is saying… they buy her spiel – hook, line and sinker.

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Well, thankfully President Obama has decided to be brutally honest with Georgia. He called in to an Atlanta radio show on Thursday to encourage folks to go vote… and to go vote for Michelle Nunn.

Here is the money line – the most important thing for Georgia voters who are considering voting for Michelle Nunn to hear – “if Michelle Nunn wins, that means that Democrats keep control of the Senate, and that means that we can keep on doing some good work.”


This may be the most honest thing that President Obama has ever said. Michelle Nunn will be a rubber stamp for the President’s policies in Washington. Are you a supporter of the 2nd Amendment? Michelle Nunn will side with Obama and the Democrats against you. Are you for traditional marriage? Michelle Nunn will stand with Obama and the Democrats against you. Are you against abortion? Michelle Nunn will stand with Obama and the Democrats against you. Are you for lower taxes, less spending, a strong national defense, secure borders and for the government to generally stay out of your life… then voting for Michelle Nunn would be insanity.

If you disapprove of the way President Obama and the Democrats have run our nation into the ground over the last 10 years or so… then you have to understand… that voting for Michelle Nunn is voting for President Obama.

Here’s the entire interview:


PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: Right now we’ve got a House Republican leadership that just says no to everything, says no to minimum wage, says no to fair pay, and they came in in 2010 during these Midterm elections where people weren’t paying attention, the Tea Party got energized, we did not vote, and we’ve for the last four years had a Congress that hasn’t worked. 

And these last two years I want a Congress that does work, and the only way I can do that, even though I’m not on the ballot, is to make sure that our people turn out to vote, that young people and black folks and latinos and progressives and people who share a vision of making sure that this economy works for everybody and not just a few people, that those folks turn out and when we do, we win, and no place is a better example than in Georgia.

Michelle Nunn will win the Senate if there is high turnout among Democrats. And if there is low turnout or just ordinary turnout, then she won’t win. And if Michelle Nunn wins, that means that Democrats keep control of the Senate, and that means that we can keep on doing some good work.

So it is critically important to make sure that folks vote, and if people are aware, you’ve got early vote in Georgia, I voted today in Illinois, we’ve got early vote. There weren’t any lines, I walked in, got it done in ten minutes, and the same is true in Georgia, and if you don’t know how to vote early, don’t know where your polling place is you can go to: and that will direct you to where you need to go. But I need everybody who is listening today to go ahead and not just you, but you’re friends, your family, your neighbors, coworkers, take them to the polls, make sure they vote.

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