Georgia University Cuts 4 of 5 Cheerleaders Who Took Knee During National Anthem Last Year

Last year five cheerleaders at Georgia’s Kennesaw State University decided to join the NFL by taking a knee during the playing of the national anthem. Well, as the 2018 football season nears, the university has now announced that it cut four of the five cheerleaders from the cheer squad.

I guess four out of five is a good start.

Per Breitbart Sports:

The school newspaper, the Sentinel, noted that four of the five kneelers did not make the cut for the 2018 football season. KSU’s athletic department reported that 91 women tried out for the 52 spots on the various cheer squads, up from 61 applicants last year. The department also noted that three other members of last year’s teams also did not make the cut for this year.

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“Similar to all KSU sports teams, multi-year spots on rosters are not guaranteed, and all student-athletes must earn their position on a team,” a letter from the KSU athletic department stated according to the school’s paper.

The five cheerleaders made national news last year when they joined in with the NFL’s protests against the country during the playing of the national anthem. Their protests earned them the nickname “The Kennesaw Five.”

The Kennesaw community was pretty outraged by the whole kneeling business as last year’s football season kicked off. A few local politicians even threatened to take action in the Georgia state legislature if the school didn’t put an end to the outrageous anti-American display.

With the several politicians putting on the pressure, the university’s president Sam Olens, tried to work out a solution that would satisfy everyone. He ruled that cheerleaders would no longer be allowed to take the field until after the national anthem was played.

This solution satisfied exactly no one. The detractors still wanted the cheerleaders punished and those who supported the anti-American protests still wanted the protests to go on.

Indeed, the complaints against President Olens got so shrill that he decided to resign his office.

“I have decided that new leadership will be required for KSU to fully realize its potential,” Olens wrote in an email to faculty and students in December of 2017.

Thus far the surviving cheerleader has not spoken out about the demise of her four protest-mates. Nor has she made herself publicly known. The names of the four who were canned from the squad are also not known nor have any of them come forward.

It remains to be seen if any of the students who will be taking their place on the school’s various cheer squads will try to re-start the anthem protest as the 2018 school season warms. But one suspects that some are tempted. After all, it is the instant road to stardom, these days!

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