Georgia Tech Zombie Outbreak Leaves Cop Bleeding! [MUST WATCH!]

The “protest” against the “suicide by cop” shooting turned into a Georgia Tech zombie mini-apocalypse of violence and rage.

Watch this footage and tell me in the comments if I am exaggerating to compare what happened to a Georgia Tech Zombie episode.

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The students were angered over the “suicide by cop” shooting. But the students were more irrational and threatening than the original victim. In fact, they seem to have more of a death wish!

I have no idea why the AP story below failed to mention the police officer’s bleeding head (plainly visible in the third video).

The Associate Press reports, “3 arrested during protest at Georgia Tech after vigil.

Georgia Tech sent out alerts urging students to shelter indoors Monday night and lock doors and windows because of violent protests. Video posted on social media showed a police vehicle burning in the street and officers pinning people to the ground as onlookers shouted at them.

After a peaceful vigil, about 50 protesters marched to the campus police department, university spokesman Lance Wallace said. A police vehicle was damaged and two officers suffered minor injuries, with one taken to a hospital for treatment.

Police restored order relatively quickly, and three people were arrested and charged with inciting a riot and battery of an officer, Wallace said.

Keep in mind, none of these officers was responsible for the original shooting. In fact, other police involved in the original incident were commended by the victim’s father.

Referring to a video of the incident, Stewart says the main officer was doing a “phenomenal job” handling the situation — retreating, trying to deescalate and putting a barrier between himself and Schultz — and that other officers also appeared to be providing appropriate backup. But one officer behaved inappropriately by firing on Schultz when there was no immediate danger to any of the officers, Stewart said.

Yet these and other officers were attacked by students.

Read the entire AP story.

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