Georgia Schools Stand up to Atheist Bullies

The war on Christianity in America may seem like a joke to liberals, but Christians can clearly see the writing on the wall.

While we may be guaranteed religious liberty as Americans, it seems that we sure do get sued a lot for exercising that religious freedom.

Now, the American Humanist Association (AHA) is doing it again. The AHA has apparently identified another little school district where the overwhelming majority of the population claims Christianity, and has decided that those folks cannot express those beliefs so freely. They’ve sent a letter to the Hall County School District and demanded that the county tell Chestatee High School to immediately cease and desist with their tradition of praying together as a team after practice.

Here’s the evil actions that have the AHA so fired up that they would threaten to sue.

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Our office was recently alerted to serious violations of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution occurring at Chestatee High School (“CHS”). We have been informed that the school’s football coaches have been using their position to promote Christianity on the football team by integrating Bible verses into functional team documents and team promotions in various ways; meanwhile, they have been either leading the team in prayer or participating in team prayers on a regular basis. This type of religious activity, by government employees in the course of their duties as public school football coaches, is a clear violation of the Establishment Clause. This letter demands that CHS coaching staff cease leading, participating in, or encouraging team prayer, and that the school remove all Bible verses and other religious messages from team documents and related materials.

660-high-school-flaThe atheists are angry because the coaches, who work for the county government, have been joining in prayers with the athletes. The atheists say that this practice violates the Establishment Clause of the Constitution. Of course, the atheists are dead wrong. Let’s read what the Establishment Clause actually SAYS –

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion,…

Does it seem like anyone in Hall County or at Chestatee High School could possibly be breaking the Establishment Clause? NO! Of course not!

Can I also quote you the very next clause of the First Amendment?

or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;

Somehow these atheists see a problem with a couple of coaches on a High School football team (who do happen to work for the government) praying with their students because it might look like the government is promoting one religion over another… but they have no problem demanding that the government force the same coaches to not be allowed to freely exercise their religion?

Seems more than a bit hypocritical to me.

In either case, these coaches praying with their students is not the government “establishing” a religion – it’s citizens practicing religion.

It’s time to demand these atheists stop cannibalizing the Constitution and twisting its meaning to try to suit their goals.

A lot of folks in Hall County are not happy with the pressure being applied from folks who live a thousand miles away. Doug Collins (R-GA) represents Hall County in Congress, and he took to Facebook to speak out against the AHA and their supercilious and unfounded legal tactics.

The liberal atheist interest groups trying to bully Chestatee High School kids say they have reason to believe that expressions of religious freedom are ‘not an isolated event’ in Northeast Georgia. They’re right. In Hall County and throughout Georgia’s 9th district, we understand and respect the Constitution and cherish our right to worship in our own way.

This morning, while Chestatee students gathered on their football field to support their school leadership and exercise their rights, unspeakable human rights atrocities continued to happen across the world in places that have no regard at all for religious freedom. It’s utterly disgusting that while innocent lives are being lost in Iraq and other places at the hands of radical religious terrorists, a bunch of Washington lawyers are finding the time to pick on kids in Northeast Georgia. I want the football players and all the students at CHS to know I support you, I’m here for you, and yes, I’m praying for you.

Fortunately the folks in Hall County don’t seem to be taking the atheist threats to heart. Hall County Superintendent Will Schofield told the local news that while the county would be looking into the matter he didn’t expect to be bowing to the will of atheists from Washington, D.C.

We need to be very careful, very deliberate and do this in a very defendable manner. There was an awful lot in that letter that I don’t think has any legal basis. There are some things we do need to look at so we are sure we are doing things the right way.”

The Superintendent also took a parting shot at liberal organizations that are always threatening to sue small conservative school districts. He also signaled that Hall County would not be selling out their students just because of some silly threat.

“Unfortunately when school systems get letters like this and people start rattling sabers, usually the first reaction by a lot of school districts is, ‘Oh my goodness, we don’t want to be in the news. We don’t want to be sued, so we better stop doing whatever we are doing. I don’t think that will be the first reaction of the Hall County School Board.”

Hey, Chestatee High School, we stand with you. Don’t let some silly atheists living 1,000 miles away twist the Constitution and bully you into bowing at the altar of secularism and political correctness.

After receiving the threat, the kids and some parents did something really cool… they got together and prayed.

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