Georgia Inmates do the Unthinkable When Correction Officer Faints

Just days after two Georgia inmates killed two officers and escaped prison, only to be held at gunpoint by a homeowner, another group of inmates is making the news. Only this time the details are a little different. The inmates did not try to escape, nor did they kill an officer. In fact, they worked to save an officer’s life!

Six Polk County, Georgia inmates choked quickly to save a correctional officer’s life when he passed out as they finished their weekly work detail.

Watch for yourself:

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One woman commented and said that the officer’s wife cooked the inmates a hot meal.

Another commenter stated that her husband is an officer and mentioned how they treat the inmates like humans. Christy Landry said, “My husband worked as a detail officer for years. He treated his crew with respect and treated them like human beings. And in return they respected him. Just goes to show RESPECT goes along way!”

That’s true. The inmates could have easily killed him or ran but they chose to save his life instead.

In times like this, it is nice to see that some people can still be good, even if they have done something bad in the past.

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