Georgia to Forcibly Draw Blood from Drivers

I love my adopted home state of Georgia. I have found opportunity, community and a family friendly environment here – not to mention the natural beauty of the Peach State. But from time to time our politicians do some ridiculous things. This latest measure is egregious though.

Areas of Georgia may soon join metro Atlanta and the States of Tennessee and Wyoming as places that will allow officers to forcibly withdraw blood during traffic stops.

“We’re not out here to violate anybody’s rights,” said Powell Harrelson of the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety and Metro Police, in a classic case of political doublespeak.

Driving is not a right, but we shouldn’t be forced to give up our rights in order to operate a vehicle and use public roads. The Fifth Amendment is proof that we should not be forced to cooperate with authorities in a case against us. The government already has recourse when a driver refuses to comply with a Breathalyzer test – they can strip us of our driving privileges. Forced blood tests are a bridge too far.

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bloodUsing a blood test, the government has far more information than they need in a simple case of trying to prove drunk driving. They now have access to our DNA and everything that makes us biological individuals. Once they’ve bled us, what is to keep them from storing our genetic material for future use and investigation? This becomes especially vexing when considering that the police taking your blood does not necessarily mean you are guilty… what happens to the blood of innocent drivers?

DUI attorney Doug Andrews told a Georgia television station he is worried about unintended consequences that might spring from inserting a needle into an unwilling driver’s arm. “They’re gonna hurt someone,” he said.

Forced medical procedures — whether blood draws or rectal exams — are torture and have no place in American jurisprudence. They are simply more signs of the burgeoning police state.

The government has no right to infringe on our persons in this manner. If they are concerned that we have committed a crime, then they should have to obtain a warrant, in the same way they would any other crime. Taking blood from motorists based on the feelings of a police officer would very definitely be evidence that we were now living in a police state. The madness has to stop.

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