Georgia Democrat Candidate for Governor Jason Carter is a CON-Man

Jason Carter (D-GA) is a state Senator and the grandson of one the not-so-great President Jimmy Carter, who happened to preside over our nation’s “Great Malaise.” (Or maybe “caused” our nation’s “Great Malaise” would be more precise.”) Now the Carter family is back and looking to rule… er, lead… Georgia again.

However, the Republican Party of Georgia wants to tell you something about state Senator Jason Carter.

“Senator Jason Carter is attempting to CON you. But we’ve exposed his true colors. Jason Carter is NOT who he says he is.”


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The website has great information revealing the true Jason Carter… and the truth is UGLY.

His budget plan contradicts itself. His closest allies (including his grandfather) want him to impose a massive tax hike on Georgia families and businesses. Carter doesn’t like to work – he’s missed more than 130 votes! On some of the most important issues to Georgia voters, Carter has remained incredibly quiet because of worries he may seem “too liberal” if he speaks his mind.

Pay attention Georgia voters… Nathan Deal may be no prize, but he’s twice the Governor Jason Carter could ever be.

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