George Clooney: Useful Idiot, Hypocrite, and Failure



George Clooney attended Northern Kentucky University for a bit and then dropped out.  From the height of this meager educational achievement he feels that he can enter the realm of politics and opine on what’s going on in our country.

He went on Meet the Press to defend America’s reputation around the world.  Who’s he kidding?  He Obama, Hillary (for whom he arranges lavish fundraisers) and the Democrats are the reason we have such a bad reputation around the world and the reason Russia, China and the Middle East regard us weak and a potential push over.

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Clooney stupidly says, “How am I to defend us when the only voice that’s coming out from across the sea is banning Muslims?”

Even here the inaccurate undereducated Clooney is wrong. Trump didn’t say he was going to ban Muslims.  He said he was going to vet them.  Perhaps, vetting them, considering they are so generally violent, might end up in banning them but not necessarily so.

Furthermore, Clooney might have a little more respect for the dead in San Bernardino, in Paris and in Brussels.  He seems more worried about the Muslims from whom the killers originated than the victims of these monsters.  You can’t seem a nice guy when you step on the bones of your own dead.

In Amsterdam Clooney says “We’re not going to build a wall.”  And if his wife gets decapitated?  If his relatives?  Does he hate his own people?

The Muslims hate liberal ideas.  Why must Clooney shove them in their faces? He makes them hate us more.  He doesn’t understand the enemy.  Obama won’t even name them.

Clooney never even stayed in college long enough to have grades.  His leader, Obama, wouldn’t even admit to his grades.

Clooney inarticulately garbles out, “You get all of these nutcases on the far-right fringe….”  But the nutcases are on the bigoted far left. It’s the socialists, the communists, and the transgenders.  It’s the no borders crowd who want to let illegal aliens in and turn our beautiful country into a Monopoly board of death.

It’s not the weak left wing but it’s the right wing that is against the rapes and killings in Germany.  It’s the right that wants to keep the Mexicans from sneaking Syrians across the border with them .  It’s Trump that wants to save America.

Clooney failed in seeing Hillary as “an informed, responsible, smart person.”

And he fails as an actor. The worst Batman in history.  He is wooden, unemotional and understated to a fault.  And acting is all that he can be accused of doing well.

Please, spare me of Clooney.  Particularly when it comes to his illiterate politics. Shame on your pride in your own limited intellect.

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