George Clooney Next Democratic Messiah of the Hour

Desperate to find a champion against Trump, Clooney may be offering himself as the next possible Democratic messiah in a long line.

The desperate search for the Democratic messiah has included Elizabeth Warren, Kamela Harris, and Oprah Winfrey. The media hoots and hollers about one then another, but none seem to last. Now, George Clooney is indicating that he might want to try out for the position.

From the way Democrats talk, leading voters to defeat Trump should be easy because he is so vile. Yet they still haven’t found anyone to do it.

Showbiz 411 reports, “George Clooney Signaling Political Move– He and Wife Amal Donating $500,000 to March for Our Lives And Will Be There: ‘Our Children’s Lives Depend On It.’

George Clooney continues his charitable giving– now half a million dollars to the March for Our Lives. He and wife Amal will make an appearance at the gun control rally. Clooney is an ardent supporter of civil rights in places like Sudan […]. But this may signal a new political move by him by actual going to Washington DC on March 24th.

Clooney– thanks to the sale of his Casamigas Tequila company for $1 billion– now has the money to put behind causes he and Amal believe in. So this is a big deal but not uncommon for an actor who is passionate about the right causes.They gave $1 million last year to the Southern Poverty Law Center. And they’ve said that in total they will donate $21 million to various causes.

George and Amal’s appearance at March for Our Lives will be key to this movement. He won’t be speaking, however: his rep says only “kids” will be speaking at this event, no adults.

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