Gender Nonbinary Coming to California Drivers’ Licenses

The state is now going beyond transgender to allow an “X” marking a gender nonbinary identity.

As if transgenderism wasn’t insane enough, the state of California will probably soon recognize gender nonbinary drivers. I don’t see how this will help people recognize and identify these people by their description on their drivers’ licenses. I thought the point of the information on drivers’ licenses was to allow police officers, first responders, and others to identify drivers. Instead, they are practically meaningless.

According to the Miami Herald, “Gender ‘X’ could soon be an option on California state IDs.

The California Senate has already passed SB179, which would introduce a third gender option for state identification. Currently, driver’s licenses and other forms of official identification only contain options for male or female. The bill would allow a third option, which would likely be ‘X,’ according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

The bill allowing people to identify as “nonbinary” will be considered in the California Assembly. It would also make it easier for transgender people to make sure legal state documents appropriately reflect their gender.

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Read the full Miami Herald story.

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