Gay TV Star Gets Cremated By Liberals After Saying Not All Republicans are Racist

The star of a gay TV reality show recently took to social media to tell fans that not all Republicans are racists… then the liberal smear machine revved up to destroy him.

Jonathan Van Ness, one of the stars of the Netfix show Queer Eye, took to his Twitter account recently to insist that the left’s automatic hate for all Republicans is unfair.

In fact, Van Ness went into a long political rant talking about how liberals need to track back to the center to win elections. But liberals refused to give him the benefit of the doubt and began attacking him.

To his credit, he has not deleted any of the tweets that liberals are calling “offensive.”

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Ness started out suggesting that Democrats need to go “center left” to win election.

Maybe not very artfully put, but clearly he thinks the Democrats have just drifted too far left to win over people in the center.

Naturally, his extremist, left-wing pals felt he was off base.

Then he was accused of “punching left” at his own friends.

He went on to cal for a certain amount of compromise.

That drove his left-wing fans to proclaim that all Republicans are racists and they would never compromise with racists. Ness, then unleashed the ultimate in liberal apostasy saying that it is unfair to call all Republicans racist.

The attacks became so incessant that Ness felt it necessary to record a video response.

“I decided to tweet political things today and you know that can go one of two ways,” he says in the video. “I feel like we are currently, everyone, like the Left and the Right, we’re all being played, and I hate to say this, but we’re really being played by people in newsrooms who are just, like, writing things for headlines to, like, really piss off people on the Left and really piss off people on the Right.”

“Left people are not necessarily inherently evil and right people are not necessarily inherently evil, and our ability to notice gray area and to notice what compromise means and how much compromise has led us to where we are is important,” he continues.

“We have to be able to not demonize the Right.”

Ness is not a closet conservative to be sure. He is as liberal as they come. But he does understand how our political system is supposed to work and he does have enough humanity not to want to portray every Republican as the spawn of evil.

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