Gay Pride is Tolerant and Loving…..Unless You’re Jewish

‘Gay Pride’ parades are a more recent fad used to teach everyone love and acceptance. They attract many people from far and wide, offering a glittery getaway from reality.

They preach about love and tolerance….Unless you are Jewish. You’re not welcome if you’re Jewish.

Now, given the religious beliefs of Judaism, I find it interesting that they would want to attend this parade in the first place. I, myself, am not going to judge someone for their sexual lifestyle because it is not my place to judge them. However, I also won’t condone it and attend their celebrations.

Not everyone sees it that way though. Some Jewish people recently attended the LGBT Pride parade in Chicago, but were soon kicked out because they displayed Star of David Flags. They were told that the flags were offensive.

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Newsweek reports:

The Jewish Star of David flag was banned from the city’s annual Dyke March celebrations, and several people carrying the flag were removed form the march because their presence “made people feel unsafe,” LGBT paper Windy City Times reported.

The Dyke March is described by organisers as being a “more inclusive, more social justice-oriented” march than the city’s main Pride parade.

I find it interesting that the LGBT community shuns Jews and embraces the Palestinians for one simple reason: Palestine hates gays and literally kills them.

Christians and Jews may not agree with the lifestyle, but we do not hate nor kill people who live differently than us.

The LGBT community really needs to take a step back and learn who their real enemies are before it’s too late.

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