Gay Mayor Signs Ordinance Opening Girls Restrooms and Showers to Men

Houston has become the latest major metropolitan area to pass a citywide anti-discrimination ordinance.

“This is not the most important thing I have done or I will do as mayor,” said Houston Mayor Anisse Parker, who was visibly moved after the ordinance was adopted. “But it is the most personally satisfying and most personally meaningful thing that I will do as mayor.”

Can we understand something here? Discrimination for any reason is already heavily frowned upon in our society. Most acts of discrimination are already illegal, and oftentimes discrimination will lead to legal problems for the person doing the discriminating. In fact, most of these new anti-discrimination ordinances simply mirror already established federal law… there is no need to pass multiple laws which say the same thing.

But these ordinances aren’t about the laws.

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gaymobThese ordinances are not even about stopping discrimination.

These ordinances are about normalizing behavior that has long been viewed as culturally abnormal. In reality, these ordinances create a climate of discrimination and fear, because instead of ending discrimination, they simply create a new kind of discrimination. These ordinances discriminate against anyone who does not have a politically correct view of modern sexual culture and mores. They criminalize religious conviction and moral conscience, all in an effort to marginalize anyone who may think differently on issues of morality than the prevailing urban liberal hive mind.

Houston’s new city ordinance will likely only have two “real” effects.

First, sexual perversion will be much harder to stop in the city of Houston. Male sexual predators will enter female restrooms and showers and take advantage of their new “protected” sexual status. These perverts need simply to claim that they are transgendered, and the women who feel uncomfortable around their constant leering will have no recourse but to simply avoid using public bathrooms. I don’t even want to consider what might happen in the local gym shower facilities…

The second “real” effect is the clamping down of free speech and religious freedom in Houston. Christians and others who believe in traditional moral values will be called hate mongers and bigots and their speech will be accordingly curtailed. We’ve already seen this happen in England and Canada (our two close allies) as governments have moved to legislate what they call “hate speech.” Hate speech is simply speech that someone finds offensive… and ordinances like the one Houston just passed will lead to lawsuits against people for exercising their RIGHT to free speech.

It’s a sad turn of events, but every major city in Texas now has these “anti-discrimination” ordinances. If this is happening even in the conservative bastion of Texas, what do you think is happening everywhere else?

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