Gay Marriage: the creation of the Zero Diversity Household!

Irony can be defined as a state of affairs or an event that seems deliberately contrary to what one expects and is often amusing as a result”. Thus the calls for “diversity” from the left have become increasingly ironic. It’s not enough that they allow no variance in opinion or beliefs within their own ranks, but demand that competing world-views abandon their own ideology and conform. This is what is meant by “diversity”.

Take a look at the amazing variety (yes, even diversity) of views among the 15 candidates vying for the Republican nomination; Rand vs. Rubio on military involvement overseas, Cruz vs Bush on education and immigration, Carson vs Christie on background and experience, not to mention Trump vs almost everyone else on anything. However, they are all Republicans.

On the other side what do you see?  Five candidates all claiming to be the perfect incarnation of the same leftist ideal. One states a radical left position, and the other four rush to the nearest microphone to say they said it first.  Where is this great diversity they speak so fondly of?

If you are part of the diversity crowd, then by now you are saying “that’s not what we mean by diversity… we mean people of diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds” (because of course looks are everything). OK… even if that is what matters to you, how can you explain the differences in the two parties in those areas as well?  On the right you have whites, hispanics, blacks, politicians, business leaders, doctors and both sexes. The Democrats, on the other hand, have 4 old rich white dudes, and one old rich white Hillary.

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familyThe latest irony in the diversity war is the Supreme Court decision on gay marriage. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that the latest victory being celebrated by this same crowd who constantly calls for more diversity more diversity, has set the stage to eradicate it at the most basic level in society, namely the family unit.

Marriage is the building block for family, which in turn is the building block for society. It has always been the place where diversity is celebrated at its very best. A man and a woman, two very different individuals with vastly different perceptions, emotions, goals and physiology have to learn enough about each other to get along. Not only get along, but work through those differences to build a solid unit that weathers the storms the world throws at them.

God created man, and then created a partner to “fit” him. This relationship is complimentary. He possesses what she does not, and she brings the things he needs but does not have into the union. These elements are physical and reproductive, emotional, psychological and spiritual. God, Himself, joined the two in the first marriage and proclaimed it the standard for all time. This complimentary relationship produces benefits for the participants and society as a whole and has functioned as intended (in spite of our selfishness) for all time. Marriage represents the relationship we as humans have with God: the diversity of created beings loving the Creator and vice versa.

In the name of diversity, our country has now embraced the total lack of diversity in the home. Instead of one man with one woman, we now have man with man or woman with woman. This is the opposite of the complimentary relationship God created. It is narcissistic mirror image love. A “love” that only accepts what it already possesses.   What is diverse about that? Any child unfortunate enough to be stuck in one of these zero diversity households will never learn anything about dealing with the sex opposite of their two “mommies” or “daddies”. They will know less about diversity than they would growing up in a traditional family. Isn’t that actually the point? God knew best from the beginning.

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