Gang Funeral Violence Is a Chicago Thing

The Sheriff has created a task force dedicated to “solving” the problem of gang funeral violence in Cook County.

The headline says that the new task force will “fight” gang funeral violence. But it is obvious from the story that the goal of the task force is to avoid fighting anyone. There are already laws against violence, against waving firearms in public, firing shots, and against reckless driving. Why not enforce those laws? What’s stopping them?

It seems that the gang violence that contributes to gang deaths leads to gang member funerals, which are then opportunities for more violence.

CBS Chicago reports, “Cook County Announces Task Force To Fight Cemetery Violence.

“People, literally, are jumping on other sides of the road, driving next each other, weaving in and out of traffic, guns being waived out of cars. There’s been shots fired from vehicles, as well,” Sheriff Tom Dart said.

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As a result, Dart is creating a new task force to tackle the problem.


Chief Lukaszek says the task force is a good idea, but agrees that accountability is needed to end the violence. “We need our judicial system to enforce what laws are on the books. We need our states attorneys to prosecute the criminals and put these people behind bars.”

Here’s a report from a year ago:

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