Ga Teacher Reportedly Threatens Student: ‘That’s How People Like You Get Shot’

Absolutely unacceptable! A Georgia teacher is now on administrative leave after reportedly threatening a student.

The teacher at Rockdale Career Academy in Conyers, Georgia was visibly upset with a student and told him not “screw” with him or the student will be in “big a** trouble.” A video was taken from the classroom, but is not yet clear as to whether the student he was yelling at can be seen in the video or not.


The teacher said, “Don’t smile at me, man, OK? That’s how people like you get shot,” he continued, “I got a bet. I bet by the time you’re 21, somebody’s gonna put a bullet right through your head. And it might be me — the one that does it.”

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There is added outrage about the incident because the teacher is white and the student is black.

ABC News reports: 

The mother of the student that the teacher was allegedly speaking to posted the video to Facebook on Friday, saying that she was “outraged” that the incident occurred.

“You see these stories on the news never believing it will happen to your child,” April Carr wrote on Facebook. “Well it happened to mine and we will get justice.”

Carr told ABC Atlanta affiliate WSB-TV that the physics teacher made the comments after her son and other students laughed as he wrote an equation on the board.

The teacher then walked over to Carr’s son and began his rant, Carr told ABC News, adding that there was “no back and forth” or “disrespectful” banter between her son and his teacher.

Carr said that the public school teacher’s remarks were “outright racist.”

“He’s in a classroom of a majority African-American students, so for you to say ‘you people,’ it’s an outright racist statement — no covering it up,” she said.

Carr added, “This is not OK, you know, for our educators and the people who parents send our kids to school to learn from.”

She is absolutely right too! Whether or not the teacher meant for his comments to be racists, they were still absolutely horrible!

An incident report from the Rockdale County Sheriff’s office identified the teacher as Paul Hagen. The incident was reported to authorities by Carr on Friday after she received a phone call from the school the previous day informing her of the incident. Carr learned of the video after speaking to her son, according to the incident report.

The alleged incident happened more than a week before it was reported to the sheriff’s office, the report states.

There is a Paul Hagan listed as the school’s science department chair and electronics instructor at the school, according to the directory on the school website. He was placed on administrative leave as the matter is under investigation, Rockdale County Public Schools said in a statement.

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