Funeral Fight Breaks Out After Teen Shot by Police [VIDEO]

Chants of “No justice, no peace” ended in a funeral fight when the bereaved, protesting mother arrived late for the service.

I am sorry that Aries Clark was killed but I don’t think a family funeral fight was the best way to draw attention to a possible injustice. If you google for 16-year-old Clark’s killing, you’ll find people blaming the Memphis Police and asserting a #BlackLivesMatter narrative. But, as the video embedded in this new story seems to show, there are reports he was “brandishing a toy gun”—a BB gun according to family members.

Apparently, he was residing at a delinquency center for undisclosed problems, left (escaped?), and returned with the fake gun. No one’s yet disclosed why the police were called. One report says that the parents are claiming they were told he was shot in the back. For some strange reason, the Miami Herald claims the back shot was reported by journalists without letting readers know that, at this point, we only have unconfirmed allegations from the family. They even put it in their headline.

But then, this happened, as reported by Fox 3 in Memphis, “Fight breaks out at funeral of teen shot by Marion Police.

There were no limos. Byrd Clark marched to her son’s home going ceremony by foot, leading a peaceful protest demanding justice — until she realized the funeral started without her.

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“She came and took the microphone from the people who were speaking for my nephew,” said Clark’s aunt.

That’s what family members say sparked the chaos that left pews broken and tension high.

No one was arrested but everyone was pushed outside of the funeral home, cutting the funeral short and making the quest for justice a little more difficult than it was before.

Here’s a news story video of what happened.

Obviously, Clark’s death should be investigated, but this does not reflect well on the family!

Read the entire story.

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