From Socialist Entitlement to Islamic Supremacism: How the West Is Being Undone

“After having overcome fascism, Nazism, and Stalinism, the world now faces a new global totalitarian threat: Islamism. . . .”  —Robert Spencer

Islam: Ideology of Entitlement

Muslims can be quite arrogant in their proclamations of Islamic supremacy.  Western culture—contrary to Islam—encourages humility.  And it is the humble Westerner who applies the Golden Rule, whose lack of arrogance makes it easier to believe in and act with the integrity needed to treat everyone alike.

Arrogance breeds feelings of supremacy and entitlement.  This separates people into two groups: arrogant elitists who feel superior, and humble egalitarians who feel no one is above the law.  Doctrinaire Muslims fit into the first group.

Culture of the Golden Rule

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The Golden-Rule basis of Western ethics derives from the biblical teaching that an official must conduct himself, outside his official role, with the same behavior expected of others.  Indeed, Deuteronomy 17:18-20 reads as follows: “When he [the Jewish king] takes the throne of his kingdom, he is to write for himself . . . a copy of the law . . . and he is to read it all the days of his life . . . and not consider himself better than his fellow Israelites.”  This is the ethical foundation of Western law—that the king must abide by the law, so every single person is equal.

Islamic Sharia Law Is Supremacist

Sharia Law, which Muslims force upon non-Muslims as well as themselves, offers no equal protection.  There is no Golden Rule in Islam, or else the death penalty for murder would apply to the murder of non-Muslims, as well as Muslims.  It would be illegal for parents to murder their own children, as well, thus protecting children from honor-killings.  Also, men would be constrained from beating their wives.  The submission culture of Islam means that some group is always submitting to some more elite group.  This is entitlement.

Entitlement American Style

In America, the culture of the Golden Rule has been under attack by elitist politicians who set themselves above the law.  These corrupt individuals entitle others in order to win their votes.  This has led to a welfare state that—leaving the truly disabled aside—entitles people who do not wish to work to an income provided by those who do.  Also, politicians have chosen to give special protections to people who belong to a minority group, rather than extending the same rights and privileges to all, per the Constitution and the teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King.  This has given rise to entire groups who now are privileged over others.

Supremacist groups like Black Lives Matter are a natural outgrowth of such entitlement; in fact, members of Black Lives Matter have been known to physically assault people who utter the Golden-Rule-based words that “all lives matter.”  This is not surprising, since Black Lives Matter is connected to Islam.

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Indeed, the rise of entitlement culture has laid the groundwork for the success of Islamic supremacism in the West.

Minorities Are Always Right

In America, minorities are favored over white people in hiring, even when they are less qualified.  Also, any negative feelings expressed against white people by minorities are considered righteous anger, while the reverse circumstance is automatically considered racism (for example, President Obama can do no wrong in the eyes of mainstream media, and any criticism of him is generally deemed racist).

Muslims, being minorities in America, benefit from this mentality.  If a Muslim beats his wife or takes a child bride, he is shielded from accusations of physical or sexual abuse.  Even cases of Muslim rape go unreported in the press (such as the gang rapes being carried out daily against non-Muslim women in Europe, Minnesota, and parts of Michigan).  Whenever a jihad attack is perpetrated against gays, due to the Muslim belief that gays should be executed, journalists tend to withhold the fact that the perpetrator is a jihadist.

If You Are a Kafir, Muslims Are Your Superiors & Not Your Friends

Koran 3:28 says, “Let not the believers take the disbelievers as friends.”  This means that, while Muslims may treat their non-Muslim helpers in a friendly way, they are not allowed to become actual friends with them.  Muslims have never treated non-Muslims as equals, not even in the fabled “Golden Age of Islam,” which, contrary to apologist propaganda, was a veritable Dark Age for non-Muslims.

The Truth about Islam’s So-Called “Golden Age”

Islam’s scientific and mathematical achievements were stolen from the Hindus, Persians, Syrians, and Greeks via translation into Arabic.  Many Greek works were translated by Thabit ibn Qurra (826–901), who translated Euclid, Archimedes, Apollonius, Ptolemy, and Eutocius.  To quote the Wikipedia, “There are three theories about the origins of Arabic Algebra.  The first emphasizes Hindu influence, the second emphasizes Mesopotamian or Persian-Syriac influence and the third emphasizes Greek influence.  Many scholars believe that it is the result of a combination of all three sources.”

The so-called “Golden Age of Islam” is actually taqiyya—or Islamic sacred lying—perpetrated to advance the cause of Allah.  Muslims claim that, during this “Golden Age,” a utopia was established where Jews, Christians, and Muslims peacefully coexisted.  Islam—the myth goes—shone as a beacon of knowledge, preserving Western classical culture.  The truth, however, is that Islam actually wiped out 90% of Western classical literature.  Only 10% of Western classical texts remain today, owing to Islamic destruction of them, due to their being considered jahiliyya (culture whose creation was not guided by Islam).

Jews and Christians were persecuted and humiliated under Islam, and everything non-Muslim—art, literature, and historical artifacts—was, generally, destroyed.  As Dhimmis (semi-slaves who have no legal rights under Sharia Law—not even the right to self-defense or the sharing of their religious beliefs with their children), Jews and Christians could only escape deplorable living conditions by serving their Muslim masters as wise men, medical doctors, research scientists, and the like.  Most new knowledge was developed under their guidance, and the “Golden Age” necessarily ended after the Judeo-Christian culture of free inquiry was, inevitably, crushed by the Sharia.

Muslim Science

Questioning Islamic doctrine is dangerous.  Islamic scientific thought is, therefore, mandated by the Sharia to include such beliefs as these in its teachings: the first men were 90 feet tall; one wing of a fly carries disease, but the other wing is a cure for disease; black cumin cures every disease but death; and fever is caused by the heat from Hell.

The jihad took over the parts of the ancient world where some of the best scientific thinking was occurring—Persia, Syria, and large areas of the former Roman Empire.  This is why so many Greek works were translated by Christians into Arabic.  Over 90% of the important scholars of the Muslim world were Christians, Jews, and Persians with Arab names.  And, even in the modern era, the eight Nobel Prizes won, so far, by Muslims have all been earned by Muslims working alongside non-Muslim scientists in non-Islamic countries, free from the Sharia-enforced straightjacketing of critical thought.

Islam Is Not a Genuine Religion

Islam is a criminal enterprise that sponsors actions which violate the teachings of most religions and which are illegal in America.  Some of the things that doctrinaire Muslims do as part of their “religion” are as follows: getting married to and having sex with child-brides who are as young as nine years old; beating wives when they fail to submit, sexually or otherwise; perpetrating honor killings of children who leave the religion (which means, although Muslims claim the First-Amendment right to religious freedom in America, they deny that right to others); raping non-Muslim women who do not cover up or veil themselves; murdering those who question Islam; owning both work slaves and sex slaves, etc.

Backing Islam, Betraying the West

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is now ordering the arrest of German citizens whose Facebook pages are critical of Muslims, even in the light of the ever-increasing frequency of gang-rapes being carried out by Muslim rape gangs against German women.  President Barack Obama continues to import untold numbers of jihadists into the United States.  And Hillary Clinton proposes to allow at least five million Muslims, known to be infiltrated by the Islamic State, to come during her first term as president.  The average fertility rate in the Islamic world is 8.1 children per couple, which means that, within a few generations, freedom-loving Americans would find themselves outnumbered and outvoted by Muslims who wish to bring the totalitarianism of the Sharia.

The Next President

The next president must be a counter-jihadist, lest the seeds of America’s destruction continue to be sown by elites, such as Hillary Clinton, Paul Ryan, and Mitch McConnell, who all stand with Obama in helping to bring the Sharia to America.  Donald Trump is America’s only hope for a future where our grandchildren might have any hope of continuing to live in freedom.

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