French Terror Attack Avoided after Terrorist Shoots Self in Foot!

A thus far unnamed Algerian immigrant to France has been arrested for planning to carry out a terrorist attack in Paris and for the suspected murder of a Parisian woman found shot to death earlier Sunday morning. What may be most compelling about this foiled terrorist attack is the fact that police were able to stop it from happening because the terrorist himself is obviously an idiot.

You see, at close to 9 am on Sunday morning police received a call that a man had called an ambulance service claiming to have been shot while on the streets in Paris. When police arrived they found the man bleeding profusely from the wound in his leg and became suspicious when he could not give a clear account of how he ended up that way. The police soon realized that the man had not been shot where they found him and followed a blood trail back to his car – where they found a veritable arsenal of firearms. This discovery led the police to the man’s apartment where they found more weapons, maps and what they’re calling “suspicious material”.

After questioning, the man admitted that he was planning to attack “one or two churches” in the Paris suburb of Villejuif on the morning when he was shot.

So… who shot the man in the leg? Well, that’s the best part isn’t it? The man shot himself in the leg while sitting in his car preparing his weapons for his evil mission.

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frenchFrench Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve gave a statement Wednesday morning about the planned attack. “A terrorist attack was foiled on Sunday morning. The police discovered an arsenal of weapons of war. A document was also found showing without any doubt that the individual was planning to imminently carry out an attack. The suspect was immediately taken into custody.”

Interestingly, the French government admitted that they’d been watching the terrorist hopeful since last year when the man mentioned (on social media) that he wanted to travel to Syria and fight alongside the jihadi terrorists there. (Wanting to fight alongside violent extremists who want to kill anyone who’s not like them should be a pretty fair warning that the person has become radicalized.) Then the man disappeared in February, and when the government realized that he’d surreptitiously gone to Turkey for a week, they brought him in for questioning. He was warned that they were watching him, but they didn’t consider him a risk and so they let him go.

Perhaps the French will revisit the way they evaluate who is a danger and who is not, now that this man has been caught about to carry out a heinous attack. This situation serves as a major warning for American authorities as well, as stories of American citizens who had fought with jihadis and are now returning home continue to appear in the media. More than 100 Americans have joined the ranks of terrorists in Iraq, Syria and other locales in the Muslim world, and they are a risk to the homeland. However, it’s not just those who have gone to fight and are returning who are risks to our nation… how many more are becoming radicalized right here at home? It only takes one radicalized zealot to wreak havoc in a crowded mall, stadium, school or other public place.

We must be willing to realize that our fight against Islamic terrorism is very real and very close. Political correctness in that fight will only create more casualties. Hopefully, we won’t respond as the French did and take the threat of one lone radical so lightly.

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