Freedom Is The Target

“In the land of the free and the home of the brave.”  At one time, those words were accurate and gratifying.  Today, our freedom is slowly being squeezed and our numbers of brave are greatly diminished.  Proof of this abounds with our indifference, division, jealousies and bickering.

In addition to this grim appraisal, just what is it that we believe which stills binds and unites today’s America?  Can we point to one unifying thread?  It used to be our Flag, our belief in our Creator, our peaceful society and our robust American pride.  This thing called diversity is antithetical to America’s renown “melting pot.”  Point being, a divided house cannot long stand.

This dysfunctional landscape is also inundated by outside forces which continue to incite and plot.  Trinkets of “free trade” are dangled while we  remain iffy over whether it should be country first or those that enter illegally.  The query “what is a country if borders cease to exist” is mainly salted away as being a too hurtful topic to discuss.

Our complicated daily lives reflect upon what confounds our national direction.  One crippler is our propensity to elect and then vehemently defend such an assortment of rascals?  Also, when did American leadership start to place party over country?  And how did America’s commerce exist prior to these supposedly essential “free” trade pacts?

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Consider today’s fretting over the farmer’s fragile ability to produce and sell without that constant “sucking sound” of NAFTA.  Does anyone dare to mention about their productivity in pre-NAFTA days?  Haven’t farmers always farmed and sold the products of their labor?

This fear mongering that is ginned up over a deal which billionaire businessman Ross Perot denounced emphatically has become too visible and insulting.  Headlines such as “Leaving NAFTA Would Cost $50 Billion a Year” startles many while hopefully uniting voices against such a pro-American move; a move which would in all likelihood destroyed a format for a western hemispheric type of governing?

So, what about this “Trans Pacific Partnership.”  How many unsuspecting Americans have any idea of what they are encouraged to support?  What of the reality that international treaties eliminate our decision making role since such agreements supersede our Congressional authority?

The trade pact which President Trump aborted would have eliminated America’s trade independence.  What is not mentioned is that such an international consortium would also lead to a foreign governing authority.  This organizational structure would roughly duplicate the European Union model; which has prompted Britain’s exit after Brussels enforced unwanted immigration upon its membership.

Eventually, an international currency would follow and replace our constitutionally mandated currency making authority.  Such non-expectant growth is assured since once the beast is created, it feeds and grows at will.  The final usurpation would be a total foreign control over our daily lives.

This scary scenario is a brief listing of what was averted.  Still, our President is ridiculed unmercifully for his beneficial actions which have confronted and hopefully decimated this threatening trade entanglement.

America is not only “the shinning city on the hill” but the last free country still capable of maintaining its freedom.  Some mention an “exit plan,” but to where?  If America succumbs to any one of the plotter’s schemes, the entire world goes down with her!

Lastly, the plotters do not sleep.  They come from every direction in the hopes that one effort or scheme may come to pass. Most sinister is the manner in which this Constitutional Convention, or Con-Con is being publicly packaged.  Do not be fooled.  This scheme is totally predicated upon our last Constitutional Convention, which originally met to only alter or tweak the Articles of Confederation.

Once convened, it became apparent that the Articles needed total scrapping and thus was born our Constitutional Republic.  If this dastardly convention scheme becomes a reality, it will be futile to rely upon the integrity of our elected rascals, whether at the Federal or State level.  The legal usage of “precedent” which follows as, “a decided case that furnishes a basis for determining later cases involving similar facts or issues,” will immediately reign with a forceful finality.

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