Free Trade Agreements: The Sacred Texts of Globalists

In the last 24 years, we have had both Republican and Democrat presidents. Republican and Democrat Congressmen and Senators differ on many things, but they agree that the market should be flooded with Chinese merchandise, that our American factories should close, and that American workers should be laid off. It is harder to find products that are made in America. When we go to a store, Chinese-made merchandise floods the aisles.

Wow, they are smart politicians. They did the thinking on behalf of the American public. They decided that this is how it should be.

It seems that American voters really don’t have a say. Elect whomever you want to elect. Let the conservatives and the liberals beat the heck out of each other, and let the voters cheer whomever they like.

What do they tell the voters about the trade policies that they sign? Why are these agreements kept locked up behind closed doors? Why is it that no one knows the details of these agreements until after the bills have been voted on and passed? Did they ask the voters if the trade agreements should be signed? Did they ask the voters if the agreements should be revoked or at least modified?

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The Elite Businessmen have to make more money, even at the expense of American industry, and the free trade agreements are their sacred texts.

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