Free Tablets for Prisoners in New York State

Prisoners get free tablets for education, prison forms, and contact with family.

The Department of Corrections is assuring everyone that the free tablets won’t be connected to the internet, though they will be able to file forms with the prison system. Prisoners will also get to order videos as well as receive money from family.

They also are assuring the public that none of this is funded by the state budget.

I don’t think conservatives find any of this reassuring. Once prisoners come to expect free tablets, they will regard them as a sacred right.

WKBW Buffalo reports, “All inmates in NYS prisons to get free tablets.

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Under a new state contract, all inmates in New York State prisons will receive free tablets.

The Department of Corrections and Community Supervision (DOCCS) is partnering with JPay, a company that specializes in inmate and corrections-related services. JPay is providing the tablets at no cost to the state or inmates, and DOCCS is not taking commissions for the tablets.

The tablets will be preloaded with educational content and DOCCS plans to make additional services available through the tablets, such as Prison Rape Elimination Act reporting, Grievance filing, and the potential for placing commissary orders.

According to DOCCS, JPay will get money from transactions that happen via the tablets (ebooks, music, videos). The tablets are only part of a larger contract with JPay who are also handling commissary and care packages sent from families to inmates.

Here’s the story going back two years ago:

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