France Doles Out Welfare for Immigrants: U.S. Climate Scientists

In an effort to resist Donald Trump, Emmanuel Macron is paying American climate scientists to do their work in France.

To get back at Donald Trump for withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord, the French Prime Minister is using government funds to finance American climate scientists. That by itself tells you how science is corrupted. Macron isn’t funding one of the many climate change skeptics among scientists. He’s paying for the conclusions he wants.

Breitbart reports, “France to Reward Anti-Trump U.S. Academics With ‘Make Our Planet Great Again’ Cash Grants.

Emmanuel Macron is preparing to award all-expenses-paid grants for U.S. scientists to relocate to France, as part of the French leader’s attack on U.S. president Donald Trump’s climate policies.

The globalist French premiere will on Monday evening unveil winners of the Make Our Planet Great Again competition, which he conceived in June after Trump made the decision to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris climate agreement.

In an address from the Elysée Palace, shortly after the U.S. president’s announcement, Macron urged scientists who were annoyed with the move to “come to France and work with us together” on climate policy-related research.

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