Fox’s Controversial Interview with a Muslim Insider from Oklahoma Beheader’s Mosque

On Tuesday night Fox News host Megyn Kelly interviewed a Muslim insider who has attended the same mosque as Alton Nolen, the man who beheaded a woman in Oklahoma. The man had been worried about repercussions from his interview, so he asked to have his identity concealed, which Fox agreed to.

Here is the chilling interview.


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The interview was controversial from the beginning because of the subject matter broached in the conversation. Here’s a quick overview of the conversation from MadWorldNews.

Going only by “Noor,” the man explained to host Megyn Kelly that after two years of worshipping in the mosque, he became convinced that Islam actually promotes radical jihad. His description of the non-public teachings lend much insight into how Nolen became so radicalized that he beheaded a woman in Moore, Oklahoma.

Noor explained that the mosque wouldn’t ever relay to the public that they support radical Islam, however, behind closed doors they were told that the suicide bombings in Israel, along with other radical acts, were fully supported. He also explained that they were taught that even if Osama bin Laden himself were to appear at their door, they should welcome him in because “he’s a fellow Muslim” and they “must protect” other believers from those who don’t practice Islam.

Liberal media outlets let out a hue and cry after the interview, lambasting Fox News for even daring to present such a “controversial” topic!

Things got even more confusing when Fox News took the interview down from the Internet a short while after posting it. The online response assumed that Fox had made a mistake by interviewing the undercover Muslim and had decided to pull the 0interview to cover themselves. However, the truth was that a Fox News producer was trying to protect the interviewee.


Consider what it must mean that this former mosque attendee has to conceal his identity to speak about what he saw at his former mosque. If you chose to go on the local news and tell them that your community church was a bad place teaching evil things… would you have to hide your identity out of fear of reprisal? I don’t think so. What does it say about American Islam that even practicing Muslims are terrified of saying or doing the wrong thing?

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