FOX Shines, Sinking CNBC, During 4th GOP Debate

On Tuesday night, the evening before Veterans Day, we were able to witness the best debate of the campaign season thus far. Notice, I didn’t say “the most entertaining” debate, I said “the best” debate. While the debate still held a few unnecessary “gotcha” moments, they were far fewer in number than any of the previous debates. What really stands out about the Fox Business Debate is the fact that the candidates were given great leeway to interact with each other and highlight the very real differences between their policy plans.

Each candidate has their own particular plan for lowering taxes (though Trump is still pushing a one-time HUGE tax increase on the rich), and each candidate also has their own plan for “cutting the fat” away from our bloated and unruly government. However, in my opinion, a few candidates’ tax and spending plans rose to the top.

(You can see all of the candidate’s tax plans here.)

Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Dr. Ben Carson and Donald Trump simply have the best plans (except for that one odd aspect of Trump’s) on fixing our broken tax system. The one thing in common among the four candidates is their plan to introduce flat tax rates. Of the four, Cruz, Carson and Paul have the simplest future tax plan and Cruz goes so far as to even eliminate the IRS (and a host of other agencies).

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These candidates were really able to distinguish themselves from the status quo guys, particularly John Kasich and Jeb Bush, but they also offered plans that were superior to the candidate who is quickly becoming the most intimidating candidate of the bunch… Marco Rubio.

Fox should be applauded for their handling of the debate. Moderators Neil Cavuto, Maria Bartiromo and the Wall Street Journal’s Gerard Baker did an excellent job staying focused on economics and allowing the candidates to interact without the entire debate imploding into chaos.

You can watch the debate in its entirety below:

One last comment I’d like to make, and it focuses in on what I thought was actually the most interesting moment of the debate.

Senators Rand Paul and Marco Rubio both lead the new conservative wing of the GOP in the Senate, but the men have very different perspectives on foreign policy and the military. Rand Paul has long been tied to his father’s (Ron Paul) non-interventionist legacy, but I thought he offered the best defense of his view of foreign policy and military spending that has ever been uttered in such a public forum. In the past it has been easy for other GOP war-hawks to brush of Paul’s criticism as “isolationist,” but this time Paul was able to articulate from a conservative perspective why we should not increase military spending.

All in all, a very good debate. Fox Business should be commended and the GOP candidates should be praised for this very interesting and informative debate (except for John Kasich who is a total downer).

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