Fox News Pundits Bash Ted Cruz!

An interesting thing happened on Fox News Monday night. Two of the most iconic and well-regarded Republican thinkers, Charles Krauthammer and George Will, seemed to take a swipe at Texas Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX).

In what seems to be a rash of moderate Republicans rising to defend the establishment, Will and Krauthammer both pick up the theme that Cruz is out for himself. Sadly, what these brilliant men miss is that Cruz (and Mike Lee of Utah) were only doing what their constituencies asked of them. If the GOP would have stood up and said no to the omnibus bill based on the fact that it fully funds Obamacare and Obama’s Executive Amnesty… conservatives (and Republicans in general) would have cheered them on.

The GOP recently trounced the Democrats by arguing for repeal of Obamacare and by decrying the Democrats attempts at Amnesty. If it worked in an election, why wouldn’t you follow through once you’ve won?! It’s ridiculous that Republicans would think “playing it safe” would mean not doing the things you promised when you won the election.


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Watch the video and take notice of the spin…



George Will: “Then we have Ted Cruz. There’s been 1,950 Senators in the history of this country and I can’t imagine there’s been a more peculiar career than the one he’s having right now. He is completely, almost insouciantly indifferent to the idea that politics is a team sport. Juan’s absolutely right, Democrats I think are more bemused by him. He is frankly loathed within the Republican conference. And what — If he seeks the Republican nomination and doesn’t get it? Then what? He has to come back here? That’s awkward.”


Charles Krauthammer: “But Cruz is a very interesting guy. You heard in that clip, he said, you have to decide if you want to stand with the — I don’t know, with the administration or with the American people. His idea of conservatism is standing with making a statement rather than I think the conventional idea is doing something. Now, there was no way in which the objection he raised over the weekend was going to do anything, anything at all to stop the president’s executive order. A 12-year-old with a piece of chalk and a blackboard could have drawn a graph to show it was impossible. 

But what it did do is it gave Harry Reid the ultimate opening to use procedural tricks that today have given us the Surgeon General who believes that gun control is a health issue. So that’s his achievement thus far. We’re going to have a couple other of those as Harry Reid gets new appointees who otherwise would not have been nominated or approved into office as a result of the Cruz maneuver.” 


A couple of days ago Tim Graham at Newsbusters called out the Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin for making a similarly nonsensical argument blaming Cruz for the GOP’s misfortunes.

An actual conservative blogger would point out that it’s a little odd for Republicans to take over the Senate and add seats to the House as they opposed amnesty and Obamacare, and then betrayed both campaign stands in the first spending bill after the electon. Jen Rubin’s blog should be called “Establishment Turn,” spinning the news from a “liberal  Republican perspective.”

For Ted Cruz to be getting attacked for doing what voters asked is ridiculous. Sure, it may not be the best “politics”… but we’re tired of politicians. We want people who will say what they mean and then do what they say.

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