Fox News Pundit says President Huckabee is “Not Going to Happen!”

Mike Huckabee fans… you better sit down for this. Conservative talker and Fox News contributor Laura Ingraham has some bad news for you. Mike Huckabee is NOT going to be President.

At least that’s what she said on Fox News Sunday this past weekend in a discussion of possible Republican Presidential candidates.

“I think there is one opportunity to knock off the establishment candidate, and that is one conservative alternative to whoever that establishment candidate is. Mike Huckabee… I like Mike a lot, I think he’s really strong. But he would probably do better if he had run for one of the two open Senate seats in Arkansas. He decided not to do that, and had a great show on Fox. But the idea that Mike Huckabee is going to be President of the United States? I’ll predict that that’s not going to happen.”


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I’m not sure Huckabee “can’t” win so much as he faces an uphill battle because of the other conservatives who will be in the race, but Ingraham does bring up a very good point. How much more good could Huckabee have done unseating Mark Pryor (D-AR) six years ago, instead of making a run for the White House? Or how much more good could he have done running for any other office in or from Arkansas?

Could we say the same kinds of things about Rick Perry, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Bobby Jindal, or any of the other top-tier conservative candidates? Maybe we should be pushing fewer of these folks into running for the White House and more of them into running for the House and Senate?

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