Fox News Pundit says Free Speech Activists Caused the Death of Two People

Popular Fox News pundit Juan Williams has been at the forefront of their coverage of the terrorist attack in Garland, Texas that happened a couple of weeks ago. Williams, generally a solid liberal who normally seems to appreciate free speech, has come down decidedly against it in recent days. Particularly, he has developed some pretty strong and uncouth feelings for free speech activist Pamela Geller.

Here’s what he recently said about Geller on Fox News…

I love free speech, but what I see is Pam Geller’s behavior is causing people to lose their focus on free speech as the essential right of American life — instead they are focusing on her antics. Because she engaged in gratuitous offensive behavior that led to the deaths of two people. The shooting of a security guard for no reason. This woman was not about writing a book like Salman Rushdie, Charlie Hebdo engaging in satire. She did this as a provocative act intended to offend people.


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Yep. The dude just blamed Pamela Geller for the deaths of two men who CHOSE to drive to Garland, Texas and try to kill people. Juan Williams has officially LOST his freaking mind. He is actually arguing that the terrorists are not to blame for their own deaths, but that Geller is for provoking them!

Williams then goes even further, saying that what Geller did is different than Charlie Hebdo because she did it “as a provocative act intended to offend people.” Does Williams actually believe that Charlie Hebdo’s satire was not supposed to offend people? The goal of EVERY satirist is to OFFEND SOMEONE. Otherwise they aren’t doing their job properly!

It’s simply a ridiculous claim. What Geller did is not important because drawings of Muhammad are important or because we should be trying to offend Islam. (I don’t think it’s kind or fair to go about trying to offend people.) But her act was important because Islamic radicals are telling us that we better bot do certain things, or else. That is the very definition of limiting free speech.

Juan Williams opinion on this matter is disgusting, deplorable and completely ridiculous.

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