Fox News’ Juan Williams is Tired of Democrat Race Baiting

In a SHOCKING development… we have a liberal actually acknowledging being tired of Democrat race baiting.

As a guest on Fox News Sunday pundit Juan Williams sounded exasperated while responding to Senator Mary Landrieu’s ugly attempts to distract from her failing record by calling her own constituents racist and sexist.

I am just dismayed by the persistence of race and politicians pushing the race button for politics,” Williams said on Fox News Sunday. “They do it for short-term gain, but there’s long-term consequences for this. …You look at North Carolina, and the idea that you would tie the Republican to the shooting of Trayvon Martin because of his position on Stand Your Ground is a gross distortion.”

“But it’s playing to the idea that there’s voter suppression efforts by the Republicans, so anything the Democrats do to rouse the black turnout is legitimate,” Williams continued. “I think it’s wrong-headed.”

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