Fox News Hosts Unmask the Deep State Assault on President Trump

They’d not planned for Donald J. Trump to succeed, in fact, they were sure that he’d be a failure. But time, and time again, the man who would be President has shocked and befuddled them.

The Deep State has spent the last two years in quite tumultuous state.

They’d not planned for Donald J. Trump to succeed, in fact, they were sure that he’d be a failure. But time, and time again, the man who would be President has shocked and befuddled them.

It has become clear that they’ve been so stunned by his march of victories that they’ve allowed their masks to slip, and their anti-American activity has become easy to spot.

From FBI flunkies, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Andy McCabe, and James Comey to CIA hack John Brennan and corrupt Obama DNI James Clapper… all have been caught in lies and half-truths by Congress, the Media, and the American people. What we’ve learned is that at various times and in various ways they’ve all been working to undermine the duly elected government of the American people. The worst part is that they’ve proven all of our worst fears of the “Deep State” true.

Recently, with the craziness surrounding the firing of former FBI Assistant Director Andrew McCabe, the Deep State has been rumbling even louder than before, again revealing their true nature.

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Tucker Carlson had more on the dangerous conversation emanating from the left-wing of the Deep State, particularly from Obama’s favorite communist spook – John Brennan.

Tucker Carlson: In response to that Brennan’s tweet, the one you just heard, former U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power wrote, this quote: ‘Not a good idea to piss off John Brennan.’ 

Let that sink in. What the hell does that mean? The former head of the CIA is going to do what exactly in response? No wonder people are afraid of the deep state. This is what it looks like when it bares its fangs. Thwart us, and we’ll destroy you. In case you are looking for a real threat to American democracy, and there are some, there you go.

On Monday morning, Sean Hannity made an appearance on Fox and Friends, and had some interesting opinions to share with the morning crew.

Hannity argued that the President had every reason to be frustrated with the intelligence community, the Justice Department, the Deep State, the Washington swamp, and most of all about James Comey’s comments about his former assistant Andrew McCabe.

“He has every right, in my mind, to be frustrated, but I would argue we’re getting to the end of the process and there’s not going to be any firing of Mueller,” Hannity said. Moreover, Hannity said that he believes the recently fired McCabe will eventually face criminal charges for his corrupt dealings while working for the FBI. Finally, Hannity took the mainstream media to task for inventing the “fake news” surrounding the possibility that Trump could fire special counsel Robert Mueller. “The president didn’t say he was going to fire” Mueller, Hannity reasoned with the folks on Fox. “This is all — this is the fake news media doing what they do best.”

Sadly, Hannity is right. The mainstream media has become the primary purveyors of fake news in the post-2016 election world, and their fake news works hand-in-hand with the dubious undertakings happening in the Deep State.

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