Fox News host Megyn Kelly asks: ‘Does Obama Have an Adult Relationship with the Truth?’

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly recently had Judge Andrew Napolitano on to discuss the legal implications of President Obama’s Executive Amnesty. She focused in on the fact that President Obama was now trying to deny that he ever said he couldn’t do anything Executively on amnesty. When in reality, on at least 25 separate instances, the President admitted that he could not use Executive action to grant any kind of amnesty.



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“It’s a sad state of affairs when this Harvard educated, University of Chicago Law School-hired, so-called constitutional scholar […] doesn’t understand the basics of the Constitution and the job and the role of the president of the United States,” Judge Napolitano said pointing out that the President doesn’t have the authority to make or change laws.

“Does Barack Obama have an adult relationship with the truth?” Megyn Kelly wondered.

“The president does not have an adult relationship with the truth. The president lies about whether or not he lied in the past,” Napolitano said.

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