Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera says Ben Carson Only Gets Support because He’s Black


Another case of liberals projecting their own racist attitudes onto conservatives. Donald Trump is still leading the pack in the GOP race for the White House, but Dr. Ben Carson has slowly been clawing his way ever closer to the GOP frontrunner. Each new poll seems to show Carson inching toward that top spot, and the media is beginning to take note.

Recently on CNN, political correspondent Dana Bash pointed out that in the most recent Monmouth poll Dr. Carson finished in a strong 2nd place, outpacing his nearest competitors (Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz) by 10%.

But Carson, a neurosurgeon, posted the biggest gain in support since August, jumping 13 points to second place. He is holding down 18% support now among Republicans. That continues a trend of recent polls that show him moving up the list.

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It’s also Carson’s highest recorded number in a national poll, topping a 13% mark in a Fox news poll this spring.

Trump’s lead also evaporates when the field is narrowed to just him and Carson. Asked about a head-to-head match-up between those two, Republican voters picked Carson over Trump, 55% to 36%.

Carson was the only candidate to beat Trump in a head-to-head, the poll found.

Well, on Fox News, Geraldo Rivera just isn’t buying the Carson hype. During an episode of The Five from this past week, Geraldo argued that racism and white guilt were the reasons Carson was doing so well in the race.

“I’m reminded of David Dinkins, the first black mayor of New York City who, when people were polled, was killing Rudy Giuliani in their second matchup. And then, when Election Day came, it came, obviously, Giuliani beat Dinkins.” Then Geraldo went on to compare the NYC mayoral election to the 2016 GOP primary, saying “a lot of Republicans polled by Monmouth are giving the politically correct answer.”

But wait, it gets worse. When fellow host Greg Gutfeld asked Geraldo if he thought that President Obama was elected because of his race, Geraldo said that the President was “the least black guy you could possibly have.”

Um. What? Also, Ouch.

I’m not sure Geraldo fully fleshed out this whole line of thinking on either Ben Carson or Barack Obama. I am, however, surer than ever that liberals are more racist than conservatives and that those proclivities to racism and race-consideration are a part of every day life for liberals.

I would be willing to bet that a tiny fraction of GOP voters care about the color of Dr. Carson’s skin and that the vast majority of GOP voters think the content of his character and the substance of his ideas are far more important.

Geraldo needs to stop projecting his racism on to the GOP. He’s got some serious issues and he should work them out for himself, without involving the rest of us.

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