On Fox News Conservatives and Liberals Agree – ‘A Star Was Born’

An interesting thing happened on Fox News after the President’s lackluster State of the Union… a Republican and a Democrat agreed!

Liberal Juan Williams and conservative George Will both had words of praise for Republican Senator Joni Ernst (R-IA). Senator Ernst was given the opportunity to provide the Republican response to the President’s SOTU speech – a position that in recent years has not worked out so well for Republican politicians (think Bobby Jindal and Marco Rubio). However, Senator Ernst knocked her speech out of the park and was really able to impress some people.

George Will and Juan Williams included…


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George Will: I was in my annual rant about the staleness of the state of the union spectacle, which is in a way degrading to all participants. I think tonight a semi-star was born, I think Senator Ernst from Iowa helped put a fresh face on the Republican Party. I think the president gave a curious speech saying we’re all going to get along and I’m going to veto any important thing you send to me.


Juan Williams: I agree with George: I think Joni Ernst is a new star. I think she did very well, and she did well by talking about Washington dysfunction and, again, coming back to the idea that there is, in the populist Republican mode, things to be done to help hard working people who want to advance if they are hard working and worthy.


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