Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly Hypocritically Defends Hillary Clinton

The left often likes to attack Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly as a conservative, but the truth is, he’s no such thing.

O’Reilly should really be labeled a “pragmatist,” as he is often opposed to conservative goals if they don’t fit his view of the possible. For O’Reilly it often isn’t “how should things be,” but “what is the easiest way to make things kind of how we want.” There is a difference.

Recently, O’Reilly proved his pragmatism (and the fact that he’s no conservative) in the most hypocritical way possible –by attacking and demeaning the work of our good friend and colleague Jason Mattera.

Mattera recently confronted Clinton with a copy of her book, Hard Choices, and O’Reilly did not appreciate Mattera’s confrontational style.

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However, any viewer of The O’Reilly Factor can tell you that Bill loves “Gotcha” interviews too. In fact, Mattera even took the time to assemble a montage of O’Reilly’s “greatest hits.”

Judge for yourself if O’Reilly’s a big fat hypocrite for attacking Mattera about confrontational interviews.

Hey Bill – perhaps you should remove the beam from your own eye first?1

Check out Jason Mattera’s great work at the Daily Surge.

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