Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly Defends Donald Trump and Ben Carson

Fox News’ host of the O’Reilly Factor, Bill O’Reilly, has taken the opportunity to defend two of the Republican frontrunners this week. On his own show he took up the defense of GOP candidate Ben Carson when he defended Carson’s right to argue that a doctrinaire Muslim should never be elected President. Since making that comment, Muslim activists (like the terrorists supporters at CAIR) have said that Dr. Carson’s comments disqualify him from being a serious candidate for President. O’Reilly responded that such commentary against Carson is ridiculous.

“It’s ridiculous Muslim stuff that the media is propelling. Dr. Carson believes that Islamic candidates don’t line up with Judeo-Christian philosophy – on which the country was founded – and he’s not allowed to say that? It’s his opinion! Here’s a bulletin: Unlike many Muslim countries, we have free speech in America, and Carson’s opinion shouldn’t disqualify him for anything but individual votes, if that be the case.”

While the Fox News host defended Carson’s comments, he also had a warning for him (and the other GOP candidates.

“They had better stop answering loaded questions about Muslims, physical appearances and who has more pep. The country is devolving quickly. It has nothing to do with Muslim political candidates, a phony war on women or global warming. It has everything to do with staggering incompetence.”

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But O’Reilly didn’t stop with a defense of Carson. On Tuesday morning he stood up to defend Donald Trump while appearing on NBC’s Today Show.

“I think Trump has been good for politics in America, and I’m the only one that says that. Everybody else is bashing the hell out of Donald Trump. That’s the chic thing to do. But he has engaged people and forced them to pay attention and they are paying attention, and that is good for America. Pay attention! The country’s in trouble.”

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