Fox News Analyst Brit Hume DESTROYS CA Congressman Ted Lieu in Twitter Battle

Fox News analyst Brit Hume totally destroyed California Congressman Ted Lieu in a battle over the congressman’s lies about Brett Kavanaugh.

Fox News analyst Brit Hume totally destroyed California Congressman Ted Lieu in a Twitter battle over the congressman’s lies about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Lieu is not the smartest man in Congress but he is one of the most extreme and reliable left-wingers and on October 2, Lieu took to Twitter to accuse Brett Kavanaugh of lying under oath during his testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

“When Kavanaugh lied about Devil’s Triangle, it wasn’t just a slip of the tongue,” Lieu tweeted. “He falsely said it was a drinking game. When pressed, he said it was 3 glasses in a triangle. Then he said it’s played like a quarters game. He made up an extended lie under oath.”

But, a few days later, after Lieu’s claim was debunked, Fox News analyst Brit Hume wondered if the congressman was ready to apologize for his accusation.

“This is holding up well,” Hume snarked. “Care to apologize, sir.”

Sadly, Lieu proved that he didn’t much care about evidence or proof and was going to hold to the liberal lie regardless.

Hume then took a few moments to explain to the leftist that his notions about Kavanaugh had been proven a lie.

But, once again, facts and truth seemed unable to penetrate into Lieu’s thick skull.

Hume patiently countered again…

Then Lieu tried to play the Miss Congeniality card with a “let’s agree to disagree”:

But Hume lowered the boom…

Yep. Lieu didn’t want to deal with facts. And then tried to squirm out of the confrontation with a plea to “can’t we all just get along.”
It was a total fail for the left-wing, resistance member from California.

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