Fox Hires Laura Ingraham for New Show! [VIDEO]

Laura Ingraham will have a new show called “The Ingraham Angle,” showing that Fox needs more appeal to Deplorables.

Laura Ingraham was an early supporter of Donald Trump and Fox News gave her a platform to occasionally express her views. Soon, however, Ingraham will get her own show on the Fox News Channel, “The Ingraham Angle.” I don’t think the leadership at Fox really is enthusiastic about Trump, but at least this move shows a desire to keep or gain Trump supporters in their audience. The network is showing more intelligence than most Democrats!

Fox News reports, “Laura Ingraham joins Fox News’ prime-time lineup.

Laura Ingraham will host a new weeknight primetime show on FOX News Channel from Washington D.C. starting on Oct. 30 at 10 p.m. ET, with “Hannity” and “The Five” shifting timeslots in the process.

“We are delighted to unveil this new primetime schedule for both our current and future generation of loyal FNC fans. Over the last decade, Laura’s extraordinary insight, expertise and strong voice have connected with our viewers across the network’s programming,” FOX News programming President Suzanne Scott said. “We look forward to her providing the audience with her exceptional commentary, engaging insight and spirited debate.”

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Here is how CNN Money told their audience about Ingraham:

Read the entire Fox story.

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