Four Liberal College Professors in New York Accused of Pimping Students, Selling Drugs

Four liberal professors at a Manhattan college have been arrested and accused of a long list of lawlessness including prostitution, sexual abuse, and drugs.

Four liberal professors at a Manhattan college have been arrested and accused of a long list of lawlessness including prostitution, sexual abuse, and drugs. And these professors are supposed to be criminal justice professors!

The four worked at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in Manhattan and are now subject of a criminal probe by the Manhattan District Attorney’s office and the state Inspector General, according to the New York Post.

The professors under investigation are Leonardo Dominguez, Ric Curtis, Anthony Marcus, and Barry Spunt.

The Paper has a long list of accusations such as:

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After the paper first revealed two weeks ago that formal sex-harassment complaints against four professors were being probed by the taxpayer-funded CUNY school, the two alleged victims decided to go public.

In exclusive, hours-long interviews with The Post, the accusers shared their formal complaints and described how the charismatic CUNY profs targeted them as vulnerable undergraduates and lured them into their pot-smoking circle of acolytes, only to sexually assault them and attempt to have them sexually service professors at other colleges — and worse.

Naomi Haber, 24, alleges Anthony Marcus, the former chair of the anthropology department, violently raped her when she was a 21-year-old sophomore after a boozy night out at an academic conference in Washington, D.C. in 2015.

“He put his hands around my throat, choked me with both hands and forced himself inside me without warning,” she wrote in a document outlining her allegations that she gave to investigators hired by the public college. “The only thing I could do was to go numb and detach myself from my body.”

The accusations are long and detailed and it is a bit hard to assume they are all just made up.

The accusations are horrible and show these left-wing professors in the worst possible light.

Again, the paper concludes:

The college hired the law firm Riley Safer Holmes & Cancila to conduct the investigation.

The state Inspector General Catherine Leahy Scott is investigating the complaints along with Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance, a spokesman for the IG’s office said.

John Jay not only educates future cops, but also provides in-service training and degree programs for current officers and members of the FDNY and Department of Correction.

A John Jay spokesman would only say that the school takes “any allegations of misconduct seriously, and we are cooperating with law enforcement authorities.

“The safety of all members of the John Jay community is of utmost importance to us, and we expect every member of our community to live up to our standards of conduct,” Richard Relkin said.

Just weeks after Haber and Cojocaru filed their complaints, the CUNY board named Bowers, the longtime John Jay provost who retired in August 2017, as interim executive vice chancellor and interim university provost — the No. 3 position in the city university system.


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