Founder of Red Bull Has Some Politically Incorrect Words About Europe and Immigration

Dietrich Mateschitz is the founder of Red Bull, an investor in Formula 1 racing, the richest man in Austria and one of the richest men in Europe and he is worried about the continent’s future.

On the 30th anniversary of the founding of the Red Bull brand Mateschitz sat for an interview with the popular website Kleine Zeitung to talk about being fulfilled, making money, Donald Trump, Europe, and political correctness. The usually reserved Mateschitz opened up and had some particularly harsh criticism for the European politicians who seem to be destroying Europe at an unprecedented pace.

Highlighting the “hypocrisies” of what he called the “refugees welcome brigade” with regards to migration, Mateschitz said: “I am talking about the fact that none of the people shouting ‘refugees welcome’ or [Chancellor Angela Merkel’s famous phrase] ‘we can do it’ were preparing their own guest rooms or tents in their gardens to accommodate half a dozen migrants.

“Even then it was clear to everyone that most of the people [arriving in the continent] did not correspond to the definition of the refugee. In any case, not the Geneva Convention”. 

In the interview, Mateschitz took a stand against the “destabilisation of Europe”, which he said threatens the “uniqueness of [the continent’s] diversity and individuality with its different cultures and languages”.

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“I hope I’m not the only one who’s worried that one of the highest officials in Brussels said that countries which aren’t multicultural should be wiped off the map”, Mateschitz told the newspaper, possibly alluding to comments made by European Commission Vice-President Frans Timmermans in 2015.

“Any society, anywhere in the world, will be diverse in the future — that’s the future of the world,” Timmermans said, demanding that Eastern and Central EU nations undergo similar demographic transitions to Western Europe.

Mateschitz also hammered the politicians whose constant focus on being politically correct seems to be at the heart of the ills currently plaguing Western Civilization. “Policies which are steeped in political correctness have been imposed in the name of a self-proclaimed, so-called intellectual elite who have nothing to contribute to our country neither economically nor culturally despite their best intentions,” he said. “The elites want citizens to be frightened, and easily manipulated,” Mateschitz said before adding, “It seems that no one dares to tell the truth, even if everyone knows what the truth is.”

For those who would argue that Mateschitz is either too rich or too conservative to be unbiased, the Red Bull founder says that he’s a “humanist” who opposes all dogma. That seems to hold true whether it’s religious in nature, or it’s the politically correct dogma of the modern left. Europe would do well to pay attention to what Mateschitz has to say as he further explains how Europe’s policies are stifling their own economy, and that the multicultural fascination of the liberal elite is literally forcing Europe to commit cultural suicide.

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