Former Trump Aide Warns of Black Lives Matter’s Planned Riots Over Kavanaugh

A former Trump aide has been slammed by leftists for saying that members of Black Lives Matter are threatening to riot over Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

A former Trump aide has been slammed by leftists for saying that members of Black Lives Matter are threatening to riot if Judge Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed to the U.S. Supreme Court. But he’s right. They have made that threat.

Michael Caputo has been attacked, especially on CNN, for saying that the Twitter accounts of people associated with Black Lives Matter are fomenting riots if Kavanaugh becomes a Supreme Court Justice. Caputo has been called a raaaacist for his proclamation.

Many castigated Caputo for claiming that Black Lives Mater leaders are threatening riots. But that isn’t what the man said at all. After the hate machine revved up to destroy him, Caputo offered evidence to prove his point.

According to Daily Caller:

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“I did not say BLM leaders called for rioting, as some are accusing me of saying on CNN,” Caputo wrote in an email to The Daily Caller, stating his comments were worded “carefully.”

“But when [Kavanaugh] is confirmed – if he is – I’m concerned,” Caputo told CNN host Fredricka Whitfield on Sunday. “We see, you know, social media accounts associated with Black Lives Matter talking about how they’re going to riot. So, that is apparently where we’re going from here.”

Not long after his CNN appearance, the left pounced:

RawStory’s headline read, “Michael Caputo stokes racial fears: Black Lives Matter will ‘riot’ when Kavanaugh is confirmed.”

“Former Trump campaign aide Michael Caputo warned on Sunday that African-Americans will ‘riot’ if Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed,” wrote David Edwards at both RawStory and CrooksAndLiars. RawStory’s tweet said the message “seems aimed at Fox News viewers.”

“Michael Caputo On Kavanaugh: Black Lives Matter Will ‘Riot’ When He’s Confirmed,” read the headline, paired with a tweet that called it “racially-coded fear mongering.

But Caputo offered a tweet by BLM leader Danielle Muscato as proof:

Well, there you have it. Caputo did see exactly what he claimed he saw.

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