Former ‘Star Trek’ Actor Wil Wheaton STILL Whining About How Mean People Are to Him on Twitter

Last month former Star Trek child actor Wil Wheaton quit Twitter. But since then he has continued to whine over how mean people have been to him on the Internet.

It all just makes you want to say, “shut up, Wesley!”

Wheaton’s character of Wesley Crusher from the 1980s/90s TV series, StarTrek: The Next Generation is probably one of most dismissed and maligned characters in the Star Trek universe. Perhaps the only sci-fi character more hated than Wesley Crusher is the odious Jar Jar Binks from the Star Wars franchise.

So, Wheaton already has that little problem hanging around his neck. Worse, there was a scene in the show where Captain Picard told Wesley to “shut up” and that scene is yet another Albatros hanging around the now 46-year-old actor.

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I give you that bit of history, dear reader, to give you a little context to the story of Wil “Wesley Crusher” Wheaton’s Twitter angst.

But, it isn’t just Wheaton’s perhaps unfortunate young TV role that he is having problems with. It is his foul mouth, unhinged behavior, and ill-educated opinions that are also dogging him. Of that, the character Wesley Crusher had no part. THAT is all Wil Wheaton, all the way.

So, let’s fast forward to Wheaton’s quitting of Twitter. You see, the actor tried to score big points with social justice warriors everywhere by making a big, ostentatious show out of quitting Twitter until Twitter banned right-leaning Twitter user Alex Jones.

I am sure that Wheaton thought the love from the left would literally pour in. But, apparently that didn’t happen. In fact, he got savaged from both sides after the stunt.

Apparently after Wheaton quit Twitter he tried to set up an account at another social media outlet, but they caned him after on a day because they didn’t want “the drama” coming from liberals who complained about him being added to the service.

Per Wheaton:

I found a harsh reality that I’m still trying to process: thousands of people who don’t know me, who have never interacted with me, who internalized a series of lies about me, who were never willing to give me a chance. I was harassed from the minute I made my account, and though I expected the “shut up wesley”s and “go fuck yourself”s to taper off after a day or so, it never did. And even though I never broke any rules on the server I joined (Mastodon is individual “instances” which is like a server, which connects to the “federated timeline”, which is what all the other servers are), one of its admins told me they were suspending my account, because they got 60 (!) reports overnight about my account, and they didn’t want to deal with the drama.

So, why were liberals complaining? Because Wheaton apparently refused to attack a friend of his who was accused of sexual harassment (read about that at AV Club if you are interested). So, the left disowned him, too.

So, Wheaton is now dumping all his social media. Ha, ha. I guess when you’ve worn out your welcome on both sides of the aisle, you truly are a social media orphan.

But, don’t feel sorry for him. Here are a few things this little twerp has said about conservatives:
(Courtesy of Twitchy)

…like the one where he said members of Congress who accepted money from the gun lobby were “accessories to murder, every last one of them.”

After Speaker Paul Ryan said prayers were needed after the shooting at a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, Wheaton tweeted to Ryan, “If prayers did anything, they’d still be alive, you worthless sack of s**t.” He also tweeted “F**k the NRA” a lot and blamed the NRA reflexively for every shooting that made the news.

He also reminded Trump supporters that “the racism, homophobia, misogyny, bigotry, and authoritarianism you supported is still going strong!”

Oh, and there was that time he mocked a young man with cerebral palsy for making a simple typo.

Oh, there were literally hundreds more from this distempered, hateful, foul little troll.

Shut up, Wesley, indeed.

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