Former Secret Service Agent Blasts Clinton: ‘Mrs. Clinton is a Fraud’

Former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino blasted Hillary Clinton while he guest starred in an interview on Salem Network with Hugh Hewitt.

Fox News Insider reports: 

Brian Kilmeade played tape of the interview, noting how Clinton failed to connect with the electorate and express herself as an agent of change after President Obama’s term expired.

Clinton said that following a two-term president of her own party was like facing a “historic headwind.”

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“That’s because she sat in front of focus groups and changed her positions by the day,” Bongino said.

He worked for the Secret Service during President Bill Clinton’s term. He said that he “found Mrs. Clinton to be the most deceptive human being [and] manipulative political person in a position of power I’d ever met.”

“It wasn’t so much that she was a liar – she deceived and manipulated with such ease,” he added, “Mrs. Clinton is a fraud.”

Bongino is not the first to come forward and expose how rude and malicious that Clinton really is.

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