Former Press Secretary for Bernie Sanders Arrested, May be Deported

No wonder Bernie Sanders is such a flaming advocate for DACA recipients: his former press secretary is one!

Erika Andiola has been arrested and is currently on a hunger strike. She may face deportation after holding a sit-in protest at the offices of Senator Church Schumer and Congressman Carlos Curbel0.

Dangerous reports that she was among seven “Dreamers” who were arrested for “unlawful entry” when they would not leave as the building closed for the night.

The protesters are calling themselves the #Dream7, and are demanding a Clean DREAM Act be passed on December 22. They are refusing to comply with law enforcement in an attempt to prolong their time in jail.

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According to Jezebel, the Dreamers are prepared to remain in custody until Senator Schumer and Representative Curbelo “publicly confirm they have the votes to block any spending bill without a Clean DREAM Act.”

Andiola tweeted on Sunday, “If you’re reading this, I’m still in police custody after being arrested last night at @SenSchumer office demanding he prove claim to support Dreamers by organizing his caucus to block any spending deal w/out a clean . Will remain until he does.

Andiola’s boyfriend, Democratic political operative Kai Newkirk, used his girlfriend’s Twitter account to post an update on the situation.

Newkirk believes the “DC Court Pre-Trial Services took initiative to contact ICE about Erika.”

“I spoke with Erika via phone from jail at 3:45a last night and confirmed to share this. Every day they are in police custody the danger of additional ICE engagement and then deportation grows,” Newkirk said, “as it grows for all undocumented youth with each day that goes by without passage of the Dream Act.”

“We have confirmed that Erika and the others are all on hunger strike and have been since they were arrested,” he continued, “They are committed to remaining in jail until Senator Chuck Schumer & Rep. Carlos Curbelo publicly confirm they have the votes to block any spending bill without a clean Dream Act.”

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