Former Meet the Press Host David Gregory Says Hillary’s “Deplorables” Comment is Actually Accurate [VIDEO]

While Hillary Clinton’s “deplorables” comment was “inartful,” the former Meet the Press host David Gregory said that it “may have been accurate” based on surveys and anecdotal evidence.

In an interview, CNN host Chris Cuomo and David Gregory were discussing how even though Trump is a racist – based on his comments of Muslims and illegal immigrants, and his “accepting” support from the KKK and David Duke – and a sexist – based on his comments in the past about women – the polls are showing a shocking level of support for him.

Cuomo asked Gregory, “Does that tell you that people who know still don’t care?”

Here’s how he responded:

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“Well, I think there’s an element of that. I mean, I don’t know that we can back that up by the data, but I do think just, look, anybody looks at a politician and says, ‘Look, I don’t agree with everything, but I still support them.’ I think there’s people who willfully ignore certain things that Trump says and focus on what they like about him. I think that’s true.

“I think Hillary Clinton is in a posture — and you saw it in that answer which I thought was revealing — first of all, she wants to sidestep the fact that she did impugn a lot of Trump voters in a way that was inartful, but it may have been based — it may have been accurate in certain — based on some of the surveys that we’ve seen about attitudes of Trump supporters and other anecdotal information that we have. But, you know, her whole slogan rhetorically is we’re ‘stronger together,’ and that was not an example of that when she was in that fundraiser.

“There she’s saying, ‘No, I’m going to speak out against hateful speech, about the fact that he’s a birther, that David Duke is behind him.’ I mean, I think this is her getting a little bit more aggressive. I think this is a preview of the kind of Hillary Clinton that we’ll see during aspects of these presidential debates.”

I don’t doubt that some of Trump’s supporters choose not to focus on certain things that he says, but I don’t they’re “willfully ignoring” those things. Besides, even if they were “willfully ignoring” the controversial stuff that Trump has said, what about Hillary Clinton’s supporters? Are they really any different? They willfully ignore all the scandalous and criminal behavior that’s inextricably tied to their presidential choice.

I agree that Trump has come across as brash, especially in the earlier part of his campaign, but actions speak louder than words. Has Trump committed the same level of crimes and been involved in the same level of corruption as the Clinton family?

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