Former Inspector General says that Hillary Clinton Purposefully Broke the Rules!

Shocking new information from Fox News on the Hillary Clinton email scandal.

In a recent interview with former State Department Inspector General Howard Krongard, Catherine Herridge learned that during Mrs. Clinton’s entire tenure at the State Department the position of Inspector General went unfilled! The reason why is unclear (maybe someone just forgot to hire an IG?), but what is clear is that if an IG had been employed they likely would have been investigating Mrs. Clinton’s crimes.

Krongard, whose tenure ended before Clinton became Secretary of State, argued that had he been the IG during her tenure, he most certainly would have been investigating the suspicious circumstances surrounding her use of a private email server.

Krongard noted that during Clinton’s four-year term, from January 2009 to January 2013, there was no Senate-confirmed inspector general in place. Suggesting the Clintons show a pattern of avoiding oversight, Krongard indicated that Hillary Clinton benefited from the fact there was no IG during her term.

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“I would’ve been the most unpopular person in that building [had I been there],” Krongard said, emphasizing that the inspector general has broad powers and the ability to rein in even the most senior political appointees. “They are the people who enforce the rules, and there was no one enforcing the rules during that time.”

Krongard spoke with Fox News before the current State Department inspector general’s office, led by Steve A. Linick, issued an extensive report on email practices of previous secretaries of state.

The day that report was issued, Clinton said in an interview that her use of personal email was consistent with predecessors Colin Powell and Rice.  

“Just like previous secretaries of state, I used a personal email. Many people did. It was not at all unprecedented,” she said.

But, as Krongard indicated, the May 25 IG report clearly stated that Rice did not use personal email for government business. It said Powell used personal email on a limited basis to connect with people outside the department, and he worked with the State Department to secure the system. The report found Clinton did neither.

The report concluded Clinton’s use of a private server and account was not approved, and broke agency rules. The report said by the time she became secretary, the rules had repeatedly been updated, and were “considerably more detailed and more sophisticated.”

The point of all this is simply that the more we learn what really happened while Hillary Clinton led the State Department, the more we realize just how corrupt and devious her behavior really was.

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