Former HHS Regional Director Defends Obamacare: Premiums Always Rise…Like Gas Prices [VIDEO]

Now that there’s a possibility that a Republican-controlled White House and Congress could repeal Obamacare, the current President’s signature legislation is now front and center in the media. Proponents are coming to its defense and describing the horror that would surely follow should the law be undone.

Anton Gunn was a regional director in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services under Kathleen Sebelius. He speaks very highly of Obamacare and attempts to dispel any criticisms referencing higher premiums.

He says that healthcare premiums have always risen. Prices in general rise, such as gas prices. “Gas prices today are not the same gas prices of 1991 or 2001,” he said. What Obamacare has done, according to Gunn, is to slow the increase in premiums.

“Premium growth is slower and more people have had coverage which actually lowers the cost of insurance in the community of people,” Gunn said. “So this a misnomer that the ACA raised premiums. The Affordable Care Act has slowed the growth of the premiums raising.” He continued:

“There’s so many changes that we’ve made that are showing benefits right now and I cannot believe we are even considering undoing the dramatic positive work that’s been done to health care all because people like to tweet and say this is a terrible law.

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“But the people who say that fully don’t understand the complicated, positive benefits that have been brought on because of health care reform and if we had to do it all over again, I would do the same thing but times ten.

“And I would also make sure that the media do a better job of getting us to tell the stories of real people who work in health care every single day and not people who fully don’t understand the law.” 

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