Former First Lady Dies – Liberals Fall Over Themselves to Say Disgusting Things!

I knew it was going to happen when I heard that former First Lady Nancy Reagan died at the age of 94. The tolerant left haters came out in droves tweeting some of the vilest things I have ever read.

Blacks and homosexuals posted some of the vilest comments. All in all, liberals in general went on the attack. Instead of writing obituaries, they wrote political screeds.

This particular tweet caught my attention.

Nancy Reagan

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Tad, not his real name, is an admitted homosexual. That is, he has sex with other men. Like other homosexuals during the Reagan era, he blames the Reagans for not doing enough to stop the AIDS epidemic.

All that had to happen was men needed to stop having sex with other men. But that would mean that same-sex sexuality was not normal sexual behavior.

How did Nancy Reagan’s fellow-actor Rock Hudson get AIDS? It was because of his sexual behavior. Monogamous heterosexuals do not get AIDS or sexually transmitted diseases.

The AIDS epidemic alone proves that there are bad consequences to homosexual behavior similar to way that venereal diseases like syphilis and gonorrhea are the result of promiscuous heterosexual and homosexual behavior. Millions of people worldwide have died from AIDS, a self-inflicted and easily preventable disease in the United States and other developed nations.

While not all of these deaths are related directly to homosexuality, there are a disproportionate number of homosexual men who have died from AIDS-related diseases when compared to the general population.

Ronald Reagan and Nancy ReaganWhen in 1981 five young “active homosexuals” were diagnosed with Pneumocystis Carinii Pneumonia (PCP), public health workers and physicians believed there might be a connection between homosexuality and the rise of certain diseases that were mostly seen in older populations. These homosexual-related diseases were at first dubbed “Gay-Related Immune Deficiency,” or GRID. When homosexual advocates objected to the GRID acronym, it was changed to “Auto-Immune Deficiency Syndrome” (AIDS).

Surgeon General C. Everett Koop under Ronald Reagan upset homosexual activists because he linked “gay sex and the risk of infection through anal sexual intercourse as primary vectors of the disease.” The homosexual lobby has worked long and hard to disassociate homosexual behavior with sexual diseases.

Non-homosexuals have also been affected by AIDs. These infections came by way of those who practiced other immoral and dangerous sexual behaviors: sexual promiscuity, homosexuality, and intravenous drug use with needles shared with AIDS carriers.

There were also innocent victims of AIDS. Ryan White (1971–1990) was a hemophiliac who became infected with HIV from a transfusion of contaminated blood. There were others.

Then there are the general mortality rates of homosexual and bi-sexual men when compared to the general population.

“In the U.S., recent research has identified HIV/AIDS as the leading cause of death among men aged 25-44 in the states of New York, New Jersey, California, Florida and Massachusetts, and 64 out of 170 cities having reported at least 25 AIDS-related deaths.”1

A great deal of attention was and is focused on tobacco-related health consequences and costs. As a result, our government has forced tobacco companies to warn consumers of their products and the inherent dangers of tobacco consumption. Our tax dollars also go into prevention of tobacco use, but there is almost no similar prevention apparatus when it comes to AIDS-related behaviors.

“The U.S. government is spending, according to a Congressional Research Services report to Congress, in the range of $20 billion a year for treatment and research, with a small fraction for prevention that, analysts explain, includes testing but largely doesn’t address the behavior itself.”

So Tad needs to reassess his vitriol against Nancy Reagan and focus on the behavior that resulted in the deaths of countless men who parade in the streets of the largest cities around the world as if there are no negative consequences to same-sex sexuality. Sexually transmitted diseases are not the fault of Nancy Reagan.

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  1. Robert S. Hogg, et al., “Modelling the Impact of HIV Disease on Mortality in Gay and Bisexual Men,” International Journal of Epidemiology, 26:3 (1997). []

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