Former FBI Assistant Director says Hillary Clinton is Lying!


This past week during the Democrat presidential debate, Hillary Clinton told America that nothing would come from the FBI’s investigation into her private email account. The former Secretary of State told NBC’s Chuck Todd that she was “100 percent confident. This is a security review that was requested.  It is being carried out.” However, someone with intimate knowledge of the FBI’s inner workings and about how they run their criminal investigations said that Mrs. Clinton was lying about what was going on. Steve Pomerantz worked for the FBI for 28 years, climbing as high as Assistant Director, the 3rd highest-ranking position with the FBI, and on Sunday he told Fox News that Clinton’s comments during the debate were inaccurate.

They (the FBI) do not do security reviews. What they primarily do and what they are clearly doing in this instance is a criminal investigation. There is no mechanism for her to be briefed and to have information about the conduct, the substance, the direction or the result of any FBI investigation.”

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Not only does the FBI not do “security reviews,” other sources explained that the criminal investigation is (and will remain) connected to national security concerns.

Separately, an intelligence source familiar with the two prongs of the ongoing FBI probe, stressed to Fox that the criminal and national security elements remain “inseparable.”  The source, not authorized to speak on the record,  characterized Clinton’s statement “as a typical Clinton diversion… and what is she going to say, “I’m 95 percent sure that I am going to get away with it?”

Fox recently learned that one of the FBI’s senior agents responsible for counterintelligence matters, Charles H. Kable IV, is working the Clinton case, another indicator the intelligence source said that the FBI probe is “extremely serious, and the A-team is handling.”

A separate source told Fox, “it is no less of a violation of espionage statutes if any material was classified secret or top secret….All the statute requires is national defense information or NDI,” adding “this is way past accidental spillage…(it) is being investigated as intentional mishandling…in this kind of high profile investigation, the most damaging information takes primacy.” 

The point to all this is that Clinton’s comments in this past week’s debate were, at best, misleading, but at worst… an outright lie. That the FBI investigation continues should be proof enough that Hillary Clinton should be very concerned about what her future might look like and that the American people should most definitely be taking Clinton’s possible future stay in a federal prison into account when they enter the voting booth during the primaries and again in November.

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