Former Editor-in-Chief of the New York Times says Hillary Appears Guilty of “Several” Crimes!

“From my reporting, I think the FBI believes that she has done several things – not only on the emails but also on Clinton Foundation matters and maybe even lying to the FBI, which is a federal offense.” – Ed Klein

Ed Klein is the former Editor-in-Chief of the ‘Gray Lady’, the New York Times, one of the most important newspapers in America. He’s not the host of a Fox News program, nor a contributor to any “right-wing” propaganda machine… nope, he’s been at the center of the liberal media maelstrom for decades and he has some important news for everyone.

It seems to Mr. Klein that Hillary Clinton appears to be guilty of not one, but “several” crimes against the American people.

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While appearing on Newsmax’s Steve Malzberg Show, Mr. Klein mocked Hillary’s excuses for her malfeasance while discussing how disgusted the FBI seems to be with her and her minions.

When Malzberg wondered what might happen if the Justice Department decides to move forward and charge Hillary Clinton with a crime, Klein responded that “We don’t know. Nobody knows. Here’s the one thing I do know based on my reporting. She has told her aides and her friends even if she’s indicted, she intends to run anyway because she will say, ‘Hey, I got 13 million votes in the primaries… Democracy’s at work,” and all of that stuff. She intends to run.”

Malzberg also wondered what Klein thought about the fact that Bob Woodward and the Washington Post had already admitted that they had an army of reporters digging up dirt on Donald Trump, but that they weren’t looking into Hillary Clinton at all. The two men seemed shocked and admitted to being stunned that Bob Woodward was arguing that “no one” believed that Hillary Clinton had “intentionally” distributed classified material while Secretary of State.

It’s truly astounding that the supposed “watchdogs” in the media are so openly ignoring the most important stories of the campaign.

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