Former Democrat Praises Trump’s Handling of Putin

Is Guillory right? Has Trump handled the Russia situation well? Or is the media right, and has Putin been “handling” our President?

Mr. Elbert Lee Guillory is a black man from Louisiana who has done more for his community than most Democrat politicians. He was an elected official for many years, who during the Obama era he switched from the Democrats to the Republicans when he realized that the liberals had led his party astray.

Mr. Guillory is back in the news with a statement he released on Facebook offering his support of President Trump’s handling of Russia.

Guillory argues that the explosion of anger from the media about Trump’s dealings with Vladimir Putin is misplaced. In fact, Guillory argues, that President Trump has actually handled the entire issue perfectly!

From Guillory’s Facebook page:

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My advisors have recommended that I not write about this controversy but I owe you. I write as a military veteran and political scientist who has traveled to Ukraine, the Middle East, Helsinki, USSR to study up close.

Fact 1. The world’s two greatest nuclear powers should be friendly. That is in the interest of the world!

Fact 2. Tonight the greatest criticisms come from two major groups:
A. Those who hate Trump and who will criticize the President for anything he does.

B. Those few in the military and intelligence communities who are wholly bought and owned by the war industries, for it is in their financial interests to have the US and Russia armed to the teeth and at each other’s throats.

As you listen to the shrill screamers, note how often they come from this corner (politicians included)!

Fact 3. The absolute truth is that the Obama administration interfered in the Ukraine elections which led to Russia’s predictable takeover of the area which holds Russia’s major naval base and sea outlet.

Fact 4. The Obama administration interfered in the election of Israel. Strong Nations do this when they feel that it is their interests to do so.

Fact 5. The alleged Russian interference occurred during the Obama administration, and we heard not a peep. Now these jerks want Trump to punch Putin in the nose and start a nuclear war with the other major nuclear force on Earth.

I’m a patriot and a believer in a powerful America. I have also witnessed the body bags filled with the fruit of American youth when fat old saber rattlers play soldier.

Trump was masterful in Helsinki. The Swamp Donkeys may scream but tonight the world is better off that these two men shook hands!

So what do you think?

Is Guillory right? Has Trump handled the Russia situation well? Or is the media right, and has Putin been “handling” our President?

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